The project would not have been possible without the leadership and ownership of the Lockhart River community. From day one the people of Lockhart have welcomed Orange Sky into the community and have educated everyone who has visited on the support which they require.

Below are just a few stories from Lockhart River community members which provide an insight into their needs and the potential benefits that come with Orange Sky’s involvement.

Dorothy Hobson

Dorothy is a proud Kuuku Ya’u woman, Chair of the Puuya Foundation and the artist responsible for the creation for the Puuya Foundation logo.

Edward Sailor

Edward Sailor is a local community champion passionate about improving health outcomes for Lockhart River.

Siobhan Jackson

As Principal of Lockhart State School, Siobhan Jackson is passionate about connecting with community and culture and ensuring that local culture and traditions are firmly embedded in the school curriculum.

Wayne Butcher

As the proud Major of Lockhart River Wayne Butcher is an advocate for the continuity of Lockhart Language and Culture. He continues to thrive through the support of his Elders teaching the survival of Lockhart traditions to the younger people.

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